Terms and Conditions

Any attempt of creating multiple accounts or funding multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.

Welcome to betbiga.com

Betbiga which trades under the name Crystal Gaming International Limited is an online and retail sports

betting company with operations in Nigeria.

Founded in 2018, we are renowned for our BIGA odds, amazing offers, data and user-friendly website,

excellent customer service and so much more. We offer competitive odds and exciting promotions to

our customers. We take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously and are active in giving back

to communities where we operate

Betbiga is registered and licensed in all states of operations in Nigeria and is licensed and regulated

through the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). We are a supporter of responsible


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 012278761

By using and/or visiting any section (including sub-domains) of the betbiga.com website or any other

websites or applications that we own and/or registering on the website, you agree to be bound by these

Terms and Conditions and (the Rules applicable to our betting or gaming products where you play any

game, or place a bet or wager, using the website, you accept and agree to be bound by the rules which

apply to the applicable products available on the website.

Betbiga reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time, as may be required for a number of

reasons including (without limitation) for commercial reasons, to comply with law or regulations, to

comply with instructions, guidance or recommendations from a regulatory body, or for customer service


Where we wish to make material changes to the Terms of Use, we will give you as much prior notice of

such changes as is reasonably practicable but in any event, customers will be notified of changes before

they come into effect. Any such revision will be binding and effective from such date as is specified in

such notice. Please check these Terms of Use frequently for updates.

Betbiga may in its absolute discretion, alter or amend or withdraw any betting or gaming from the

services or any part thereof, at any time, and may alter prices, features, specifications, capabilities,

functions and/or other characteristics of the bets, games and/or Services. Betbiga may also at its

discretion engage new or alternative third-party service providers in respect of Additional Gaming

Services or any other of its Services. By registering or playing with any such third parties, you thereby

provide your consent to any applicable additional terms and conditions of such third parties as they may

be amended from time to time, including but not limited to any change to the third party service

provider itself.

Betbiga’s services are limited to the Nigeria market only.

Pre-Conditions to Opening an Account

In order to register an Account with us you hereby agree, warrant and represent that:

You are at least 18 years of age; or the age at which gambling is legal under any law that applies to you,

whichever is the greater. Betbiga reserves the right to request proof of age documentation (KYC) from

any applicant or customer at any time and to void any wagers with a minor.

Proof of identification required would be any of the following:

National ID card

Permanent Voters’ Card

International passport.

Driver’s license

You are entirely responsible for complying (and that you comply) with your own local, national, federal,

state or other laws concerning betting and gaming prior to opening an Account, placing any bets, stakes

or wagers (together “Bets”) or using the Services. If you live in a country where the use of a service is

prohibited, you must not register with us for the applicable Service.

Note that every registered customer is called and when a phone number which is not a Nigerian or any

of the countries where we are licensed is used, such user is marked and investigated further. They are

eventually blocked from using the platform if found guilty off using our service from a country where we

are not licensed.

The availability of our Services does not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation by us for the use of

our Services in any jurisdictions in which such use is prohibited by law.

Betbiga shall not be liable for any breach of any local, national, federal, state or other laws that may

occur as a result of your using the Services. If you are found to have breached, we may cancel any Bet

you may have placed.

We shall not be obliged to pay any winnings which might otherwise have been payable in respect of any

Bet you placed; and we may refer the matter to the police, guardians or family members, or any other

appropriate regulatory authority.

Opening an Account

To open an Account, each customer will choose his/her own confidential username and password. It is

the responsibility of each customer to ensure that all personal details are current and up to date, as

failure to do so may result in bets or payments being declined or payments being issued incorrectly. You

can update your personal details via the website, by Live Chat, by email, or by telephone.

Only one (1) Account is permitted per customer. Betbiga reserves the right to close any duplicate

Accounts and to cancel any Bets on duplicate Accounts.

Betbiga also reserves the right to suspend or close any Account and cancel any associated Bets where

the Account holder and the owner of the funding instrument are not the same.

Employees of Betbiga and allied companies may not open an account or register on the website or for

any of the Services, whether in their own name or on behalf of a fellow employee, friend, relative or

anyone else.

Account Security

The username and password must be kept confidential by the customer. All Bets where a customer’s

username and password (or such other criteria as may be required and as communicated to you) have

been correctly entered (which may be as a result of customer negligence) will be regarded as valid,

provided that, the Bet meets the other criteria for placing a Bet as laid down in these Terms of Use, and

Betbiga has no other reason to believe at the time of acceptance of the Bet that the Bet was not placed

by you.

Subject to the foregoing, Betbiga will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of misuse of

usernames or passwords or from any unauthorized use of your Account, whether fraudulent or

otherwise. You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against any costs, claims, damages and

expenses arising in connection with the use of, or access to, your account by any third party as a result

of your negligence, breach of these Terms of Use, fraud, dishonesty or criminal activities.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have lost or forgotten your account details. We recommend

that you disable any automatic password memory in your browser prior to using the Services. This will

help to limit the risk to you of unauthorized use of your Account.

Betbiga is one of Nigeria’s most respected gambling companies. Any monies deposited with us are

protected in the event of our insolvency by virtue of such monies being held by our bank in designated

client accounts separate from our own accounts. We hold customer funds separate from company funds

in a client account. There is no absolute guarantee that all funds will be repaid. Such an account is

proactively monitored and is audited by independent internal and external audit teams.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Betbiga offers you several ways in which you can fund your account. We may request for a means of

identification to confirm the identity of account owner (KYC) as requested by regulatory bodies and to

comply with relevant anti-laundering provisions.

Payouts are usually processed within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays). The minimum

amount you can withdraw is ₦2,000 and the maximum amount you can withdraw at a time is ₦500,000.

You cannot deposit funds into your Betbiga account and decide to withdraw it. You can only withdraw

from your winnings. We implore punters to place bets with their deposits and payout from their

winnings i.e. you cannot withdraw any amount of money you have not won. Any payout made under

such circumstance would be reversed back to the Betbiga Account.

We may request for a means of identification to confirm the identity of the account owner (KYC) as

requested by regulatory bodies and to comply with relevant anti-laundering provisions. All payouts will

be audited before processing. If audit shows a violation of our Terms & Conditions, rigging or fraud, such

payouts will not be processed and in most cases such winning bets would be voided.

In the case where deposit is made into an account with Bank ATM card and value isn’t credited to the

account, the customer should send a mail to [email protected] and expect resolution in 12 working hours

if third party isn’t involved in the transaction.

Void Bets & Right of Set-Off

Betbiga may be required by law to conduct certain checks on customers or those applying to open a new

Account. Where we are required by law or otherwise determine to close an account for a breach of

these Terms of Use, your attention is brought to the following terms:

All previous bets will be voidable at the option of Betbiga and any winnings which you have accrued will

be forfeited by you and you will return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn

from your Account;

and any stakes for Bets made but for which the event is not yet completed will be returned to you other

than in the event of any outstanding chargebacks or any other amounts owed to us at that time.

Betbiga may at any time set off any amount on deposit in your account against any amounts owed by

you to Betbiga.

Betbiga reserves the right to correct later or void any bet where there are obvious errors regarding

odds, results, market or if there are unforeseen events or changes in event.

Betbiga reserves the right to impose betting limits and/or raise in play delay at customers' accounts.

Customers are not permitted to bet an amount exceeding their personal account.

Betbiga reserves the right to deem bets void if there are radical changes to event conditions, such as a

team starting a match with less than the maximum allowed players, match duration, distance of a race,

amounts of periods etc.

If Betbiga takes its own discretion, that you:

a. have multiple betting accounts and / or use multiple betting accounts; and/or

b. have acted in collusion with one or more persons and wagered by a number of different betting

accounts on the same combinations of selections [regardless of whether the bets were placed

individually or not, at different rates, or on different days] to try to increase the maximum payouts in

compounds with multiple accounts,

we reserve the right to withhold winnings caused by such behavior gains.

A number of bets may be treated as being one when a customer places multiple copies of the same bet.

When this occurs, all bets will be voided apart from the first bet struck. A number of bets that contain

the same single selection may be treated as being one. When this occurs, all bets will be voided apart

from the first bet struck.

Where a number of bets, involving identical or very similar selections, are received by different

customers within a short timeframe, Betbiga reserves the right to void all such bets, even after the bets

have been determined.


Betbiga reserves the right to seek criminal or other sanctions against you if we suspect you have

engaged in fraudulent, dishonest or criminal acts and we will disclose such information to the relevant

authorities or other relevant third parties (for example, payment service providers) as may be necessary

in this regard.

Betbiga reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account it believes to be involved in fraud,

money laundering and/or any other form of illegal or suspicious activities and to report such details as it

reasonably considers are necessary to relevant authorities.

In case fraudulent activity is detected, Betbiga reserves the right to close your account and cancel any winnings in your account at Betbiga's absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice.

Responsible Gambling

Betbiga provides a self-exclusion facility to help you, if you feel that you have developed a gambling

problem. At your request, we will as soon as is reasonably practicable, apply best practices to prevent

you from using your account indefinitely. To this end, we may retain such personal data as is necessary

(and for as long as is necessary which may be indefinitely) to implement the facility as effectively as

possible, including for example your name, address and credit/debit card details.

Our self-exclusion facility involves a joint commitment between Betbiga and you. We will take

reasonable steps to prevent you re-opening your account or opening a new account, but you must not

attempt to re-open your Account or to try and open new accounts. We shall not be liable if you

circumvent our self-exclusion procedures and continue to use our services or if you continue to gamble

with any third party. To activate our self-exclusion facility, please contact customer services using the

contact information on the bottom of this page.

Closure of Accounts

Please contact us if you wish to close your account. We may close or suspend your account if your

account remains inactive for a significant period. Inactive accounts may incur a charge to compensate

Betbiga for the costs incurred in maintaining such inactive accounts. If you have any queries regarding

inactive accounts, please contact the Customer Service department for further information.

We are entitled to close your account at our discretion and without having to disclose any reasons, and

where deemed necessary on written notice (or attempted notice) to you using the contact details you

have provided. Any balance in your account will be made available to you, subject to your having

complied with the Terms of Use.

Your sole remedy in the event of termination of your account by us for any reason shall be the re-

imbursement of any undisputed account balance you may then have, and we shall have no further

liability to you whatsoever.

No Warranty

The services are provided ‘as is’ without any express or implied warranty of any kind, and all warranties

including warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, fitness for any

particular purpose, and of completeness or accuracy of content are hereby excluded to the fullest extent

permitted by law.

Neither Betbiga nor any of its licensors gives any warranty that the supply of material and content on

the website (including but not limited to racing silks, form and racing previews) will be uninterrupted,

timely, secure or error-free or that the websites and the services are free of viruses or bugs and no

warranties are given as to the accuracy of material or content comprising the services.


You hereby accept that by using the services, there is a risk that you may, as well as winning money, lose

money. You agree that your use of the services is at your own risk and we accept no responsibility and

shall not be liable for any consequences that are alleged to have occurred through your use, or misuse,

of the services.

We (and/or our third party service providers, to the extent relevant) shall not be liable to you in

contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise arising for loss of profits, loss

of revenue, loss of business, loss of data, loss of business information, business interruption, loss of

reputation, loss of opportunity, or loss of goodwill, or for any indirect, special or consequential loss,

even if such losses are foreseeable or if we have been notified of the possibility of such losses.

We are not liable for the failure of any equipment or software, wherever located or administered, or

whether under our direct control or not, that may prevent the operation of our services, impede the

placing of orders for bets or the acceptance of bets, or prevent you from being able to contact us. We

will not be liable for any loss of content or material uploaded or transmitted through the websites and

you confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to, or suspension or

discontinuance of, the services. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the services without incurring

any liability.

We are not liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer because of any act of god; power failure;

trade or labour dispute; act, failure or omission of any government or authority; obstruction or failure of

telecommunication services or networks; or any other act, omission, delay or failure caused by a third

party or otherwise outside of our control.

Nothing in these terms of use shall exclude or limit our liability for fraud; death or personal injury

resulting from our negligence or any liability to the extent such liability cannot be excluded or limited as

a matter of law.