Responsible Gaming

Sports betting is a recreational habit combining sports excitement with a chance to win money by engaging into sports activity, studying sports events, teams, players, managers’ techniques and so on.

Virtual games, casino type games are based on non-predicted RNG outcome.

Players are advised to play for fun and not to live on sports betting or any other type of game.

Minors are excluded.

Should a player feel that he is addicted to playing and cannot control it, he/she is welcomed to notify Betbiga by email at [email protected] and we will suspend his/her account for a month. If the problem remains, then upon email notification we will block the account for a year.

Betbiga will run sponsorship schemes for the benefit of the society.

We advise each player to support his/her well being and their family’s well being before entering into any sports betting activity because there is the risk of losing money.