Cashing-out is extremely popular among bettors – an option which ensures you are always a winner.

Our Cash-Out option allows you to collect money on your bet even before the event you are betting on

is finished.

The amount of money you receive is determined at the time of cashing out. It is based on the likelihood

of the bet winning. The amount can be higher or smaller than the initial stake.

Nevertheless, this is not always the optimal option. As the probable chances of winning change, an offer

for a Cash-Out can increase, decrease or be removed altogether.

It is calculated by using the possible winnings from a bet that the current odds will receive, in case that

bet was placed now.


As an example, look at the option below:


In case you have a ₦100 bet on Barcelona to win a match at odds of 4.00, and they are leading at

halftime, the new odds on them to win the entire game may be 2.0.

Fair cashing out value = possible winnings/current odds

To get a full picture of our cashing out option, make sure you check another example below:


This is a real example of a Cash-Out option available:


The initial bet is a ₦100 stake on Liverpool to win the Premier League at 6.00 odds. The bet ends ₦600 if Liverpool win the Premier League title.

Halfway through the seasons a cash out option is offered at ₦150 for this bet. The present odds on

Liverpool to win the league with the same bookmaker are 3.25. Therefore, the fair value for this cash

out will be ₦600 (possible winnings) /3.25 (current odds) = ₦184.61