Betbiga offers you a selection of some of the best matches with a 0% margin!
To further demonstrate its commitment to adding value to customers, BetBiga has unveiled plans to offer a unique product called Zero Percent Margin.

0% margin means that the company receives no commission at all, making the betting odds as competitive as they can get!*

Simply put, this is an irresistible offer whereby the company makes no commission off certain bets. This in turn makes such bets very competitive as the odds on offer are made bigger than ever. Already renowned in the industry for the mouth-watering odds it offers, BetBiga has taken it further by rolling out the Zero Percent Margin offer.

The offer applies to the market "Full Time Result" in football, basketball and volleyball matches until the beginning of the match.

*0% margin is also called a 100% market, where no commission/margin is held by the betting operator (that's us) so that the odds could be the highest possible for the benefit of the bettor (that's you). For example, if you were placing a bet on a coin toss under the 0% Margin offer, the market odds for Tails or Head would be 2,00 for each, while if there was a 1% commission held from us, those odds would be 1,98 respectively. In simple words, with 0% margin we guarantee that you will be always getting the highest available set of odds (for 1,2 and X in the Full Time Result) in the market.

For example, the Premier League tie between Liverpool & Manchester United . The absence of any profit margin means that the odds for this encounter will be bigger than usual. E.g. Liverpool (2.35) X or Draw (3.60) Manchester United (3.35)

With this offer, customers are given super-sized odds which equates to better chances of winning. Zero Percent Margin offers are available for pre-match betting on football, basketball and other sports (3-Way only).

*Selected 0% margin matches can be found in the favourites menu with the titled "0% margin" for desktop and in mobile just tap on soccer,  specials , 0% margin.