Privacy Policy


Betbiga follows strict rules and security protocols to ensure maximum players data protection.

They are being used solely for the sports betting operation. They maybe shared with third parties that Betbiga uses to increase players satisfaction and excitement. When a player opens a Betbiga account grants his/her consent to our privacy policy. Only adult players are allowed to open a Betbiga account.

Player’s personal data

Each player may be requested to submit the following data:

First Name(s) & Last Name


Address & Post Code


E-mail address

Mobile phone number

Passport or National ID Card (both number and copy of the actual document) or/and Utility bill

Bank account details


The player is responsible to select his/her username and password upon opening a Betbiga account. He/She is responsible to memorize and never share with any other person.

In case he/she forgets the username/or password, standard procedures apply by contacting Betbiga Customer Support by his/her already registered email.

In case of payments via credit/debit cards or other payment methods additional data may be required.

All aforementioned data are being used to safeguard the player’s legal enrollment as well as e-wallet protection from any unauthorized access. The data maybe shared with financial institutions, payment aggregators, entities that assist in personal data verification to make sure that Betbiga services are of the highest standards.

These third parties follow strict rules in personal data protection and storage but Betbiga is not liable to any data misuse that may occur from their end.

Betbiga runs promotion campaigns, marketing campaigns and extensive loyalty campaigns based on the data provided so the player’s email may be used to promote such activities.

Moreover age controls apply whereas minors are not allowed to participate.

Players are welcomed to update their personal data whenever a change has occurred. Our CS center would be happy to assist by sending an email to [email protected].

All personal data may be shared with any competent authority in Nigeria or in the player’s country of residence.


By creating an account to Betbiga, any player is accepting this Personal Data Policy, giving his/her consent to the transfer of the player’s personal data outside of his/her country of residence too.

In case a player chooses or Betbiga does so to close an account, the relevant data remain in our records for as long as the law permits/demands.

Only adults, people that are at least 18 years old may register with Betbiga providing relevant documentation. Minors are not allowed.

Whenever Betbiga finds out that a minor is playing, the account will close down and he/she will be blocked.